Corporate responsibility

DVC has a Corporate Social Responsibility programme.
For several years now, through its environmental policy, DVC has been reducing its “carbon” footprint on the Earth.

On the one hand, directly:
DVC has implemented a programme for the continuous improvement of internal processes, of increased communications within the company and of working conditions.
All the teams are highly aware of the development of environmentally sustainable products, throughout the entire chain from suppliers to customers.
A logistics policy has been implemented for both suppliers and customers to reduced energy expenditure and costs.

And on the other hand, indirectly:
Here, in particular, in the case of defects in your modules, DVC will prioritise their repair and, at the same time, improve your equipment rather than providing you with new equipment. This considerably reduces the waste produced.
In the same way, DVC can offer to re-develop a PCB card or an application which has become obsolescent from your former supplier. You can then continue to equip your machines without major modifications.