Double-flow systems

DVC has a renowned expertise in the management of double flow systems.
The program developed enables reduced energy consumption for better regulation.
Apart from the basic system, DVC offers functionalities such as remote control, switch-on by IR sensor and CO2 probe which optimises the renewal of the air in rooms.
Numerous other possibilities are available to you, including, in particular:

  • Direct or via PC configuration
  • RS485, CAN, LIN, or Ethernet liaison
  • Feedback of information to the BMS via Modbus, LON or BACnet
  • Remote connection via GPS / GPRS
  • Analogue / digital input, & on/off or 0/10V output
  • Incident memory
  • Management of several languages
  • Liaison with EnOcean, Easywave, etc., switches
  • Several constant flow management methods (algorithms, pressure or temperature probe, etc.)
Use: Ventilation in the residential or tertiary sectors, fluids management, etc.