DVC invests the coming weeks in new PCB assembly equipment from the Company Smans

DVC decided to expand their productivity on the pick and place machine.
This means not only a BIG increase on speed, but also a BIG improvement on handling of the NEW Hanwha(Samsung) system.

The Hanwha SM 482 is a flexible mounting platform ideally suited for prototyping, and low – mid volume environments where flexibility, easy programming, quick setups and fast changeovers directly influence profitability.
Thanks to the FULL vision overhead gantry system with 6 -precision placement spindles, the SM 482 achieves the highest placement speed among the same class chip placers. The component recognition will be done in the traveling between the picking and the placing of the component without losing any time! Starting from 01005 components up to 55mm X 55mm(H15mm) and even connectors with a Length of 75mm we have a very large component range. For the larger components we can use the fixed camera also included as a standard. All FULL vision camera systems deliver auto-teach, polygon recognition, and placement angle preview capabilities. (Highest vision Quality)
This platform is compatible with various feeder types, the High Precision/High Speed/Electrically Driven and Intelligent Feeders have proven their benefits! They can automatically align the pickup position between feeders to improve simultaneous pickup rate, automatic pitch recognition and able to set the part supply speed to improve the stability of the feeding (High Speed and Very Stable component feeding).
The user friendly T- Solutions Software converts various CAD and ASCII data into placement data. Programming will be Minimized and the Productivity can be Optimized. The standard part library will be updated by the auto teaching of components. And make Offline, Efficient and Flexible Programming possible.
We will have a personalised demo/training with our local Hanwha(Samsung) distributor Smans NV. They have provided us with excellent local support, thanks to them.