Fabrication de Circuits Imprimés

What we can do & why choose us:

  • 1 to 30-layer FR-4 PCBs with HDI, and metal core PCBs such as Aluminum PCBs, Copper PCBs and Iron PCBs, etc.
  • Production of Prototypes, High-mix or Low-volume orders with class II or class III of IPC and UL standards
  • Professional PCB fabrication services with competitive pricing and over 25 years  experience
  • Perfect quality and eco systems such as ISO9001-2008, ISO14004-2004 and UL certified

Want to give our customers a full service starting from design / routing pcb’s till the end of complete integrated product.
We have regular shipments of pcb’s and are sure we can fullfill your demands.

All boards are tested by DVC.


Mass Production Sample
Max. Layers 16-layers 30-layers
Max. Board Size 21″ x 24″ 21″ x 26″
Material FR4, CEM1, CEM3, FR2, Aluminium Base, Rogers PTFE, Nelco, etc.
Max. Board Thickness 0.4mm ~ 6.0mm < 0.4mm and > 7.0mm
Min. Core Thickness 0.10mm 0.10mm
Min. Track Width / Space 4mil/4mil 3mil/3mil
Copper Thickness 1/2 to 6 oz    18µm – 210µm 18µm – 210µm
Min. Drill Size 0.2mm 0.15mm
Min. Laser Drill Size 0.1mm 0.076mm
PTH Diameter Tolerance ± 3mil ± 2mil
Aspect Ratio 8:1 12:1
PTH Wall Thickness 18µm – 25µm 16µm – 35µm
Min solder mask bridge 0.13mm 0.10mm
Min solder mask window 0.10mm 0.08mm
V-cutting Tolerance ± 0.13mm ± 0.10mm
Outline Dimension ± 0.13mm ± 0.10mm
Warp and Twist 0.7% 0.5%
Blinded and Buried Via Holes YES YES
Controlled Impedance ± 10% ± 7%
HDI Board 1+N+1 2+N+2
Surface Treatment HASL HASL
HASL Lead Free HASL Lead Free
Immersion Gold Immersion Gold
Immersion Tin Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver Immersion Silver
Flash Gold Flash Gold
Gold Finger Gold Finger
Selective Selective